The Generation Talk


Recently I’ve been noticing few tweets and memes comparing this generation and the 90s generation, as an epic battle in things the new generation won’t understand. I was born in 89, I guess that makes me a 90s kid so I want to jump on that bandwagon. I honestly call this generation the iPad generation because lately I just see kids gluing their eyes on iPad screens and I know I’ll say I won’t let my child do that but in the end it’ll happen eventually. It also irritates me when these kids complain about things they should be thankful of, for example:

  • Slow internet. Have you tried dial up connection ? I actually remember the tone the machine did when it connected to the internet using dial up and obviously get scolded by my parents later because they want to use the phone.
  • Feeling bored. I hate when I hear someone says this sentence specially kids, I’m not generalizing but few would repeat this as they just lay on the couch holding their phones switching from app to app.
  •  Phone too old. Kids these days get phones so freakin’ early and just like showing off their gadgets to other kids, obviously they start comparing. Later you would hear them complain and cry that their phone too old and want the latest “new and cool” phone.
  • Complain how life is hard. When I see tweets of these kids who’s barely 12 or even in their intagram bios where they mention something about life and being all deep, I want to flip a table on their faces. I’m twenty something and I haven’t lived life that long to say what they say.

Apart from their complaining, some of them grow up being disrespectful and ungrateful. In the past, parenting was a bit strict compared to now, parents were fine in disciplining their children by spanking them as punishment and I mean light not extreme abuse. Now that we are parents, have we gone soft saying we want to give our kids a better life than what we had ?



5 thoughts on “The Generation Talk

  1. Kids nowadays are so spoiled! I didn’t get my first phone until i turned 16, and i kind of hate how wired our lives are now.. I wish i never got hooked on the internet or smart phones or anything, life was much simpler before and i liked it that way.

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