Perks of Being Anti-Social


I didn’t need an intervention or a close person to say this to my face, I am an anti-social person and quite socially awkward. In gatherings, I would be the person who tries to avoid everyone by walking around acting like I got something to do instead of sitting with people and just mingle. I don’t know how many outings I declined just because I didn’t want to deal with people, I honestly rather sit alone and do any sort of activity on my own. I admit I was even worse than that but recently I changed because being a mother and sitting home alone isn’t the best combination.

As much as it’s a bad social behavior as some would say or even being a negative impact on someone, I think it has few advantages as well. So here’s my list of advantages I discovered in my twenty something years breathing in this planet.

  • The more known you are, the more rumors of bad things will spread about you. This statement doesn’t need any explanation for it because I’m sure everyone knows this. Even if you are a good social butterfly who’s nice and kind to others, people will talk about you, and in extreme cases will try to ruin reputation.
  • Less dealing the people, less drama. The more you get involved in other people’s lives, the more you’ll get dragged into drama whether it’s in the personal level or work environment. Probably will get awkward after it passes that’s why I don’t ask much about people’s personal lives.
  • You’ll seem mysterious and interesting to others. People see you as the loner who barely talks so you’ll have a mysterious aura around you that makes them want to know you more.
  •  You keep your private life away from those nosy people. I hate when people assume things about me just because I don’t talk about it, I don’t post full pictures of my son on social media and even on this blog because I feel I want to keep these parts private and in the end it’s my personal life not anyone should involve themselves into it.

These are the points I can currently think of regarding being anti-social. I know some people would disagree with my opinions but that’s how we differ but I accept any opinion whether you agree or disagree.

Do you see yourself as a social butterfly or locked up anti-social ?

3 thoughts on “Perks of Being Anti-Social

  1. I agree! My husband and I are both considered anti social by our friends and family. We don’t go to work parties or social events because we simply don’t want to mix with these people. We avoid as many family get togethers as we can but this one is difficult. We often go for just an hour to “show our faces”. It’s the drama that kills us. We simply don’t need their drama in our lives.

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