Stuff You Learn as a Mother


The moment I ventured into motherhood journey, I found out I’ve been changing slowly to adapt as if it’s a new life for me. Throughout this process I’ve learned few things to get through the day.

  • Going out means you’ll pack a bag as if you’ll travel somewhere. Even if you’re going for just one hour, you’ll pack almost 10 diapers, a towel, wipes, 2 sets of clothes, 2 sets of underwear, 2 bottles, hot water thermos, formula milk containers and few toys not to mention spare shirts for yourself in case your baby decides to do an accident on you.
  • Nod whenever you hear an advice about parenting. People seem to like telling you advises about parenting as if you need them, I appreciate your concern but I rather have it my way.
  • Connecting with friends means planning ahead of time by weeks. Going out with friends require alot of effort starting from finding who would sit with your baby then finding something you consider decent to go out in, instead of comfy lounge pants.
  • Taking out the trash becomes a task you can’t delay. No one likes a mountain of diapers all over the house.
  • Stop thinking of ways to go to the bathroom while holding your baby. It’s impossible believe me, how are you gonna lower pants with one hand while holding your baby on the other. Just hold it till the baby is calm and pray you don’t sneeze.
  • IMG_2029It’s okay to let the baby cry for a bit. I learned that sometimes babies cry for no reason and it’s okay to leave them for a bit and not instantly attend them.
  • Babies grow too fast and it’s overwhelming. I feel the urge to cry whenever I see clothes seem smaller when I try to dress my son because it feels that it wasn’t that far when you held that romper and thought it looks bigger but it’ll fit later.
  • You forgot to eat. After I gave birth, I was sitting with my son most of the time and I kept forgetting to eat, my mother and husband used to remind me to go eat till that habit just wore off later.
  • You hear the baby cry if you are in the shower. Having a shower became a hard thing to do as your mind likes to play tricks on you as if your baby is crying and makes you have 5 second showers.
  • You learn that each cry means something. As you bond with your baby, you realize there are different types of cries and later as a mother you’ll know which means what.
  • You sometimes stare at your baby just to make sure he/she’s still breathing. It’s nerve wrecking and it makes me sleepless but I have to check that if I feel my son has slept more than usual.

These are the things I can currently think of but I’m pretty sure there are more of that so if you have something to add please comment below and thank you.


4 thoughts on “Stuff You Learn as a Mother

  1. You will feel a new level of tired you have never felt before but you will also learn you are a lot stronger than ever before and you can cope. You will also learn you can’t do everything yourself and it’s ok to have a breakdown and ask for help.

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