What I Think About Watamote

I posted about this anime in a previous post where I wrote about the current anime I’m watching, and I just finished watching the last episode of Watamote. I really really enjoyed this anime, it’s so funny and cringy at the same time. So the story is about a teenage girl named Tomoko that has this image in her head that she’ll become popular when she enters highschool because she has massive experience in Otome games but she’s actually an anti-social loner that has anxiety talking to anyone outside from her family zone.

The anime is 12 episode long and it’s how Tomoko tries to improve her social life throughout her school days. You can describe her as a desperate, lonely, and deranged girl who is characterized by her social anxiety, vivid facial expressions, and bags under her eyes. She has a grim outlook on life, as most of her thoughts involve insulting others or herself. She spends most of her days playing otome games and browsing the web.


I love this anime because there were times I can relate to her. I moved to Jordan for 4 years because of my father’s work and I was like her the loner who doesn’t talk to anyone in school and pretended that I don’t exist since whenever I did try to talk to others and try having friends, I would get bullied and made fun off as the foreigner in school.


It’s quite funny how everytime she tries to do something out of her comfort zone, she somehow gets unlucky and everything falls apart. The anime is actually filled with random other anime references and I managed to find few like Another, Detective Conan, few Ghibli Studios movies and Death note like this scene:

First time I heard the intro song it took me by surprise, I wasn’t expecting such song but it’s really awesome. I really recommend this anime.

2 thoughts on “What I Think About Watamote

  1. Wasn’t a big fan of Watamote as I found the protagonist hard to sympathise with and didn’t really find the social awkwardness amusing. Then again, a lot of comedies go past me so this is probably more a preference thing than an issue with the anime.


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