If you live in Oman, you would understand why I chose this post title because my god how the weather is getting these days.IMG_3207 The temperature is getting so high that it sometimes reaches 48c. So yesterday I received a package of an order I made of the book Beautiful & Damned by Robert M. Drake and Moon’s Harvest Baby Bath bombs.


The box contains 6 bath bombs randomly selected so these are the ones I received and they are called baby bath bombs because they look slightly smaller than normal ones as they stated in the description. They smell nice when I opened the wrapping, can’t wait to try them.

Also I decided to start using subscription boxes because they seem fun to receive like a gift to your mailbox, it started when I saw awkwardkingmissa’s post of Gamer Girl Monthly subscription box and I just instantly went to subscribe. I also decided to subscribe to Birchbox but thinking to switch to Boxycharm or even have both, not sure yet. I’ve set a new goal for myself that I want to read a new book every month as well because I miss reading so I went ahead and subscribed to OwlCrate. June seems to be interesting now with these subscription boxes on the way, I might review them when they arrive.

5 thoughts on “Melting

  1. i thought 32 degrees here was too warm, 46 is a lot! but i guess you’re more used to the heat than i am, its cold here in Norway most of the year.


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