What I Learned From Fatal Frame


Fatal Frame series has been my favorite franchise since I started gaming on PS2, I started with Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly and I got so obsessed with it that I beat it almost 30 times with various difficulty levels and unlocked most of the bonus outfits and missions. Later on I found Fatal Frame 1 and then Fatal Frame 3 was released and from there I got the name Rei. I got irritated when Fatal Frame 4 was released on Wii and without localization but thankfully I found the fan translation of it and played it on Dolphin Emulator, but as for Fatal Frame 5, I didn’t try it yet but I’m planning to buy Wii U just to play it.

Since I played this series way too much, here’s some things I learned:

  • If you hear creepy sounds just follow it. I think almost all horror games or even movies has this stupid concept, why would you go check something that can potentially kill you ? I mean why not, might find a ghost looking like Napstablook from Undertale blasting awesome music or even making you a sandwich. tumblr_mjxalmWQVg1qh3pwno1_500
  • Any white lining like an exposure effect in a picture, is a ghost. Who stated that ghosts are white ? Really I genuinely want to know. But anyway after taking way too many pictures in Fatal Frame, ghosts will show up as an effect and a filter as the ones we use in apps to edit photos.
  • Abandoned houses, let’s go in. Apparently it’s not illegal to enter a stranger’s house if it looks abandoned and too old, probably filled with insects … Not ghosts. turned into sae fatal frame 2
  • Any flashlight you find in the middle of the road, will have batteries. Flashlights … Flashlights everywhere … With working batteries for sure Duracell.
  • Children laughing are way too scary. I hated kids mostly because of videogames like Fatal Frame and also Rule of Rose. When I hear a child laugh, it’s seriously more scary than a psychopath serial killer laugh. tumblr_lqyp7c21UP1qcbftgo1_500
  • You’ll understand the whole story from diaries. Dead people will write their diary apparently so someone somehow will find it and read it… Even as ghosts, they’ll still write entries.
  • Puzzles are completely normal. Ghosts have so much time that they created puzzles all over the area and it’s completely normal. They have to make sure you are smart enough to progress, right ? And on the previous point I stated, hints are always found in these diaries.


So these are the things I learned from Fatal Frame which I can think of at the moment, if you got more to add I would love to hear your opinions.

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