Bomb Cosmetics & Lush


Recently I posted that I bought few blasters (bathbombs) from Bomb Cosmetics, so I finally got the chance to use them last night and I felt like I should compare it to Lush bathbombs since they are most popular ones lately.

IMG_3200I tried the poppy hills one, it smells somewhat floral with Cedarwood oil. The bomb itself is well intact and doesn’t shed like Lush bombs, the moment I dropped it in the water the smell literally filled the whole bathroom with floral scent. I absolutely loved it, my skin was getting dry recently because of the weather in my country and this bomb has well chosen oils and it really moisturized my skin.

I decided later to add two more to the water which were Tisty Tosty and Lover’s Lamp from Lush, and it created the best moisturizing bath I’ve ever had.


The verdict, Bomb Cosmetics blasters are almost similar to Lush’s but they got stronger scent that lasts longer and has more moisturizing effect on the skin. I may have to lean to Bomb Cosmetics more because of that and also lower price range but either way I love both brands.

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