People Who I’ll Never Understand

yes I’m basically showing off my new mug

I’m not going to deny that I’m an easy person to get angry over anything, I’m actually known for that by close people. But honestly some people I just don’t understand that I just want to be blunt and ask them “What are you thinking”

Those random perfume sales people who pops up out of nowhere and just be like ‘excuuuuuuuse me’ and basically forcing you to stop and smell the perfume they are promoting and chances are that it gonna smell so good later when you are away from them. I don’t understand when they decide to be persistent even when you say politely no thank you, I mean I know you’re doing your job but you don’t have to be annoying. Just passing by shops like Paris Gallery or Areej is like a minefield of these people to me and I try so hard to avoid them, my cousin says “I feel those people take a special course of how to be annoying and stubborn before taking this job” 

Other people I don’t understand are the people on Snapchat, those who sends a snap of them in a hospital or snaps medicine on a table then caption it “I’m sick *sad face emoji*” but some would take it far by posting their hand hooked on an IV. I don’t understand what are you trying to get from this, if you are sick you don’t have to show how sick you are just to get people attention or sympathy.

I don’t understand people who likes to change their status in whatever social media or even change the display picture in any messaging app they use to something indicating they are either sad or angry if they get upset from someone. For example I know some ladies who change their display picture or write a sad poetry line if they had a fight with their spouses, seriously why do you have to show everyone that you are mad. If you are mad from someone just face them and talk about it, you don’t have to make your apps work as a subtweet for them to notice.

On Instagram there are those kids with professional cameras, and for some reason think they are most expert photographers ever. I know few who are actually talented in this but recently I just see many kids walking with a professional camera hanging on their neck. I don’t understand these so-called professionals, they don’t really post anything with that camera, they basically pose with it. Also kids who think they are super models of Instagram with heavily edited photos and caption it with something deep or a poetry line, I don’t understand these kids.


I know it’s mostly a rant-y post but I just felt like throwing it out there, I just don’t get these kind of people.

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