Liebster Award


I got nominated for this award by the lovely Lushivity thank you so much ❤


What makeup product is top of your wish list right now?
I’ve been obsessed with Kat Von D products lately, mostly Tattoo Liner and Light + Shade contour palette

What would your perfect relaxing day involve?
Videogames and good music

What motto do you live by?
Everything happens for a reason

Where have you not visited but would love to?
Japan, it’s always been my dream to go there. I really want to visit Ghibli Studios Museum

Three things you would take if you were stranded on an island?
Sleeping bag

Favorite meal of the day? 
Since I’m skipping most of them lately, dinner

Most embarrassing moment of 2016 so far?
Had my first brazilian wax … not fun

Best buy of 2016?
A floating bluetooth speaker, it’s so cool

Do you have any pets?
I wish 😦

Favorite thing about blogging?
Expressing myself and just speak my mind

Bloggers I nominate:


I enjoyed these questions, so I’ll ask you guys the same ones

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