50 Hours into Mana Khemia


I started playing Mana Khemia back in September last year when I was still pregnant but after giving birth I didn’t have time as before to beat it. Recently I started playing it again at night after my son sleeps and I have my alone time gaming. As you can tell from the cover, the game is a J-RPG which means it’s gonna make you spend hours grinding EXP to level up your characters. I’ve spent nearly 50 hours in this game so far through the main quest plus the side character quests, it’s definitely a slow burner game but quiet enjoyable.

The game’s main focus is on the lead protagonist, Vayne Aurelius, the son of a legendary alchemist named Theofratus who had disappeared sometime after Vayne’s birth. Since then, Vayne has led the life of a hermit, his only companion being a Mana in cat form named Sulpher. Vayne is invited to the Al-Revis Academy for alchemy training by Zeppel, one of the professors. He is quickly indoctrinated into the school by becoming part of an atelier led by Flay Gunnar (an older student who is known as The Defender of Justice) along with two other students, Jess (a clumsy girl who is nevertheless adept at alchemy), and Nikki (an impulsive beastgirl). They are soon joined by Pamela (the school’s resident ghost), Anna (an 11-year-old master swordsman), Roxis (the son of a famous family of alchemists who is quickly forced to join the workshop by Flay), and Muppy (an alien the group discovers on an assignment). The eight of them are able to succeed at completing assignments, learn the skills of alchemy, and allow the workshop to prosper.

The game was released on PS2 so I use an emulator to run it with few glitches here and there sound or graphic related but it doesn’t bother me that much. The story is interesting even if it was a slow burner and makes you live a normal student life, you basically have to pass assignments each week as well and try not to get a F. Throughout these weeks as a student, your characters learn alchemy recipes to create items or weapons using ingredients and elements sold in the academy shops or dropped by enemies. Slowly Vayne’s past is being revealed in each chapter as you progress so you would understand  the main storyline.

I’m enjoying this game, it’s hard finding a decent J-RPG lately that doesn’t focus much on graphics and lets’ you enjoy a longer storyline as games nowadays, it’s sad that we reached a point where we can beat a game in 2 days and then pay more for dlcs so we can enjoy a slightly longer storyline along with few new supposed features.

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