Lousy Weekend

First of all can we just appreciate how amazing Dragon’s Egg bathbomb makes you feel, left my skin super soft. So here’s what happened, I left the bath tub faucet running till it was filled and ready to drop the Dragon’s Egg bathbomb in. After I did that, I lit up two of my favorite candles Lilac candle from Ikea and Black Vanilla Candle from Zara Home, and I closed the lights with a towel wrapped around me ready to get in the tub. That’s when my husband came home and needed the shower so I just left the bathroom for few minutes till he’s done but all the sudden I hear him calling me for something, he was already in the bath tub and was like “Now I know why you enjoy thisDude that’s my spot.

So I really wanted to try The Crafty Kitchen but for some reason they close so early, so me and my sister decided to try it and it was almost 6, it’s also written that they close at 8 but nope they apparently close at 6 which made me a bit irritated.


So we just went to Mani’s because it’s my new favorite spot along with Nestle Toll House cafe of course.


For some reason this weekend it was a bit stressful than useful therefore the title of this IMG_3096post but I managed to make-do either way, I bought blasters from Bomb Cosmetics which I posted earlier. I should be panicking by now because I haven’t finished my Eid shopping yet but hopefully at the weekend I’ll be done .. I hope

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