Bomb Cosmetics Haul


Over the weekend I discovered an Instagram account of this lovely lady who sells Bomb Cosmetics products and I decided to try them out since I need to restock my bathbombs, so I contacted the lady and bought four blasters (I guess it’s basically a bathbomb in the end) a gift box (3 Premium Blasters Gift Pack) and Little Hotties box of ten wax melts. I haven’t tried them yet but I can say they smell so good, and also I noticed the blasters are well refined and it doesn’t shed like Lush bathbombs, the shapes are super cute as well.

Appleberry Butter Burst

A blackberry fragrance cocoa butter swirl, with a fresh crisp apple blaster, makes a strange fruit indeed! We call it the Appleberry! With pure grapefruit and black pepper oils to uplift and enliven.
Purple Piping: With ripe, juicy opening notes of blackcurrant, the fruity heart blends summer strawberries and raspberries with the subtle scent of blueberries. Creamy caramel and vanilla complement the natural sweetness of the fruits for a warm finish.
Green Blaster: A heart solely comprising a mouth watering crisp fresh, crunchy green apple.

azuski01_1 (1)
Azure Skies

A perfect summer sky with three seabirds drifting on the wind and the sound of the sea in your ears. Close your eyes and relax as this complex but clean scent transports you to your favourite memories and the pure Cedarwood and Vetivert oils calm and help relax you. A woody fragrance with refreshing green leaf top notes and floral accents of cyclamen and lily of the valley, resting on a rich woody base of fig and cedar warmed by touches of amber, coconut and tonka.

Poppy Hills

This blaster is part of a gift pack called Cloud Nine which includes:

  • Poppy Hills Bath Blaster 160g
  • Butterfly Ball Bath Tulip 85g
  • Purple Passion Bath Creamer 30g
  • Shea Bliss Bath Mallow 30g
  • Cloud 9 Massage Bar 50g

Feel like your on Cloud 9, with our collection of relaxing handmade products!

Night Owl

Our little night owl brings you the purest Rosemary & Lavender essential oils to send you sleeping under the stars. With a white musk fragrance and a sweet twit-twoo you’ll soon be in a silent slumber.

3 Premium Blasters Gift Pack

Three of our most popular Bath Blasters: Sugar Kiss, Crazy After Dark and Natures Candy, gift packed in a card box with natural hessian liner and tied with a Bomb Cosmetics ribbon.

Natures Candy

The feeling of stepping into a bath of warm silk, filled with gloriously indulgent sweet orange essential oil, seducing your senses into a state of deep relation: A truly sensuous experience. A warm aldehydic heart with notes of chocolate and mandarin and a floral/spicy base.

Crazy After Dark

A blend of mischievious essential oils, washing away your cares and inhibitions, unleashing your hidden desires. A delicate Neroli heart with warming, complex overtones of Pink Pepper, Camphour and Coumarin.

Sugar Kiss

Created to fill your bathroom with an aromatic cloud of love, using heart warming ylang ylang essential oil to help calm and relax.

Little Hottie Wax Melts

A new home aroma experience! Each Little Hottie is hand-poured wax melt and is highly fragranced allowing you to create your own bespoke scents for the home.

When creating your own combinations, combine floral and fresh moments, or try cooking up your own ‘good enough to eat’ scents, using gourmand and fruity. Most of all, have fun mixing your own combinations.

Place 3 or 4 Little Hotties into the melter, put a lit tea light below and allow them to melt, filling your home with it’s own bespoke fragrance. There is no need to add water! Light the tealight, and allow your very own fragrance creation to scent the whole house!


I used these last night placing two I think fruity scents and I absolutely love the smell, it’s quite calming as well. I’m quite a sucker for scented candles to be honest so I’m planning to try the candles they offer, tinned candles, funky glass candles, paint tin candles, glass candles and piped candles.

Anyway I’ll probably post an update about these blasters once I use them and give my honest opinion but appearance wise they look so cute and well attached, great packaging as well.

7 thoughts on “Bomb Cosmetics Haul

  1. Wow love bath bombs makes your skin nice and soft and really help your relax and take a stress way when I have time for myself with out my daughter is sleeping I just run my bath and put my bath bombs in and I take time in bath. I lovely it when I have my bath bombs make me feel so relaxed

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