Today I went to the salon for my monthly pampering ritual and I usually have a pain killer pill before going to waxing so it would ease off the pain at least a bit but somehow today I forgot, I’m alive though yay.

Grand Spa at Bareeq Al-shatti

Here’s the thing, I went to lighten my roots to fit the rest of my hair but the hairdresser being all friendly convinced me to change the hair color completely because according to her “you would look totally beautiful in this color” I swear I’m really weak against hair dyes, that’s why last year I ended up dyeing my hair each month a different color till the damage started showing. So anyway two hours later I’m blonde and of course she kept praising my hair and how gorgeous it looked but really it was okay not wow, so because having my hair fully dyed plus waxing the bill all the sudden reached 94 RO (244 USD) 


I’ll probably just keep singing Don’t Worry by Madcon just to ease my hand when I handed my card to pay. Thinking to invest getting laser hair removal sessions instead of waxing torture but I hate the fact I have to shave for that process, I can literally just sneeze and all the hair will grow back that fast.

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