Isolated Parent Label

One of the things most of the people I know notice in me lately was the recent weight loss and how I’m slimming back to my original figure but obviously I won’t return to my super skinny shape because I’m pretty sure I wasn’t healthy back then. I am so determined to lose the weight I gained during my pregnancy phase and make my sagging belly more firm and lifted, it’s not exactly a beautiful sight to be a muffin top. Although I can say I’m proud of myself that I lost alot of weight going from 77 kg to 58 kg at the moment, hopefully the jelly belly will disappear soon.

Being a busy mom torn between house chores, maintaining relationships and taking care of myself, I’ve noticed that I needed to focus on myself more because I was neglecting the side for awhile

The Face Shop in Oman Avenues Mall

To be honest, Korean and Japanese beauty products are the best. I used the vitamin C serum for my face for awhile and it made my tired face more radiant so I would totally recommend it, I bought it from Hitomi in Muscat Grand Mall.

As I keep trying to achieve my weekly goal of going out with friends and just beat the isolated parent label, I went out with my partner in crime since we were kids my cousin. My main task was to finish eid clothes and all since Ramadhan is nearing and I haven’t been able to do that before. We tried Nestle Toll House in the newly opened Ocean Mall and we absolutely loved the place.



The cookies looked so delicious and we just had to order so many that we suffered from sugar rush later on.

“It’s so good, I want to marry it” -quoting my cousin

My son had his four month vaccination on Thursday and being blessed to have a nurse mother whose job is children vaccination, she gave him the injections. My mother knows I can cry easily and it happened before in his two months injections, I can’t bare hearing him cry  and I can’t do anything about it. It just makes my heart hurt that he’s in pain and I’m helpless, I want his pain to be mine. She took him to the hospital while I was sleeping and thankfully he didn’t cry much but his thighs were slightly sore, sadly he caught fever because of it. It only lasted at night and by morning he was back smiling and laughing as he always does. He started few attempts to roll over and it made me so happy to see that but also scared that he might injure himself if he was on a higher surface. My mother suggested trying solid foods as he’s practically ready for it but I’m not ready emotionally and mentally for it because I feel he’s growing up too fast and I don’t like change when I’m used to something. I want to go out of my comfort zone and just try feeding him for the first time maybe tomorrow.

Outfit from Obaibi

Few days ago Assassin’s Creed movie trailer has been released marking December to when the movie will hit the cinema.

I really don’t like the selection of music to be honest, Ubisoft usually nails the music part in the games so I don’t know what they were thinking adding this track. I’ve been a fan of this franchise for quite sometime, I have I don’t know how many shirts of it, pants, figures and even my car keys keychain is the logo of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. I’m really interested to see how this movie will go.

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  1. […] As I posted before in my previous post couple of days ago, I wanted to try to feed my son solid food even though I’m still not mentally prepared for this. I went on a small shopping trip yesterday and bought bowls, spoons and a sippy cup from Mothercare. […]


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