Random Thoughts

In Marriage you realize that your significant other isn’t everything you expected, he/she won’t be your everything as all the songs and movies keeps telling us. In Arab countries, the ladies think that once you get married your life would be so amazing and wonderful. Some things I learned during my one year of marriage is that love can take different forms not only in showing affection with hugs and kisses, small things and details matter alot for example I would sleep upset because my husband got busy and had to work at night, in the morning I decide to act like I’m upset just to prove my point that I didn’t like it but I saw that he left a Subway cookie on the shelf for me because he knows I love them. Small things like that makes me feel loved without saying anything.

Marriage basically isn’t about your happiness and it’s quite selfish to think that way because it’s more of a companionship in thinking about your significant other rather than yourself, building each other to be a better person, sacrificing things you love just to make your partner happy. I remember being young and crazy, I was obsessed with my piercings like it’s my brag trophy and I tried multiple crazy hair colors because I felt happy doing so. I knew my husband didn’t like that as much as I did so I slowly gave up all that even if he repeated “I love you the way you are” because I wanted to make him happy and smile the moment he sees me.

Recently my hair has been falling way too much that I got scared I might go bald, the area above my temples each side has extremely thinned hair that my scalp is showing. I’m trying so hard not to let it effect me but it still stir few negative thoughts so I decided to change my look just to hide the thinned hair and feel good about myself. I had a haircut, chopping all of my hair to shoulder-length hair with layers just to add volume with dark ash blonde color and it actually made me feel good about myself.

Read this article for more ways to deal with postpartum hair loss

Artworks by my sister Rudy

This weekend I decided to stay over with my family because I really missed them, I honestly feel more comfortable being with them than my in laws. My son is growing more easily excited and for the first time yesterday he laughed out loud which was such a delight to hear, also he’s trying to roll over.

I wrote a poem yesterday if anyone is interested (check here my other WordPress)

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