Beautifying My Office

I moved my posts from Blogger because I felt WordPress got more features to offer to be honest.

I thought of ways to keep my office space more positive and I found out that Boutique Muscat has some cute stationary items but mostly adorable tea sets.

Boutique Muscat at The Wave

And in the end I didn’t buy anything because the framed positive quotes were too big for my office but hopefully they’ll bring more small ones suitable for office spaces and such.

Omani Paws the animal rescue group posted on Instagram that they are selling some items with their logo to raise money so they can pay for their rescue operations expenses, and I’m an avid supporter for adopting animals so I bought a mug so I can have my morning coffee happily I did a good thing.

IMG_2917I printed positive quotes pictures and pinned few photos I took of my son using the instax mini 90 on the divider, tiny photos look cuter apparently.

Change is good, it made me feel more comfortable even if it was a small change. I was considering to get an indoor tiny plant as well, who knows maybe I will someday.

Check Omani Paws Instagram here
Adoption site here

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