4 Months

It feels just like yesterday I was feeling his kicks in my belly, my tiny human is four month old now. I get emotional seeing his clothes slowly seem to shrink every time he stretches his legs, why do they grow up so fast. I decided to list down all my current mommy favorites since birth and still use:

  • Nursing pillow. I absolutely love this pillow, it made breast feeding much more comfortable for my back and sitting properly during my stitches healing period of time.
  • Swing. During my maternity leave, I kept myself busy with doing house chores, This swing kept my son entertained and also soothed him to sleep instead of me holding him for a long time till he sleeps.
  • Changing Mattress. I’m well aware that I chose stars themed objects but I promise you this is the last one. I like this mattress because it’s quite comfortable for my son whenever I’m changing him, it has a soft pillow and a towel on it as well, easy to wash also in case any accident happened.
  • Bath Support. This is the most useful object in all of this list and I totally recommend it to every mother. I bought this support seating along with the tub itself and it made bathing so easy because of the non slip surface, I was so scared that I wouldn’t know how to bathe my baby before so this helped me alot.
  • Cosy Nest. This nest is really cute and my son loves sitting on it. Can be converted to a supportive prop when the baby is ready to sit up, obviously I love it because it’s like a cuddly cute teddy bear.
  • Breast Pump. I would recommend a manual breast pump because electric ones were too slow for me, I can control the pace of the pumping and I can use it in different places instead of sitting near a wall for power,

These are my essentials at the moment, I included links from where I got each item in case anyone was interested.

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