New Places, Old Friends

One of the goals I had for myself to beat my constant feeling of loneliness and depression was to try to go out with friends at least at the weekends instead of staying home all alone. Yesterday I went out with my best friend since school days and it was so much fun, I really missed talking about things I’m interested in and having actual discussions about it. I wanted to try a new place which was Mani’s Cafe in Jawharat al Shatti, quite hidden to be honest but really nice place to hang out with friends.
The place was empty with just us so that’s a relief for anti-social people like us. I need to force myself to go out like this more often because it made me feel so much better, as much as I enjoy going out with my husband, we don’t really have the same interests so conversations seem to hit walls at times so it felt nice talking to someone about anime and videogames and just be me for a day.

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