The Me Time

After a long tiring day of breast-feeding, tending baby stuff, house chores and constant nodding to random advises by my mother in law, I like to reward myself with a relaxation ritual “The Me Time”. Stress can drown me easily because I’m quite an emotional person, I still wonder how my husband is keeping up with me. When my feet get tired from marching back and forth just to ease the baby colic days and I already know how many steps from the beginning to the end of the carpet. There were days when I couldn’t hold the burden of pressure and I just fall apart and cry, I’ve always stopped myself from talking about it to my husband which was a mistake.
Recently Lush store opened at a mall near my place and I decided to try the bath bombs and I became totally obsessed with them. I first tried Blackberry and Big Blue. They smell so good and the Big Blue made my skin so soft and amazing. I ordered online a gift box by Oliver Rocket which included 6 bath bombs in mixed scents and they had a stronger scent from the Lush ones, I would recommend Moonlight & Roses from this set because it smelled so good and dried rose petals were floating on the water when I used it. Just to make these relaxation sessions more comfortable, I usually lit up few candles and place them near the bath tub and just close the lights.

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