Shuffle The Music Tag


First of all I want to say thank you for all the birthday wishes, it feels weird being 28 and still I’m not exactly living my age. I should be an adult and more responsible by now but … I got no regrets ❤

Secondly, I want to thank Lise and Michala for tagging me in this music tag, be sure to check out their blogs they are my favorites. It’s been a while since I did blogger related tags so this sounded fun to post. Also I needed an excuse to stop playing Stardew Valley and schedule more posts, I just can’t stop playing this game.

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog
  • Shuffle your entire music library and talk about the FIRST FIFTEEN songs that come up
  • Mention the songs as well as the artists
  • Tag 7 people or more to do this tag and let them know

The Music:

  1. Tied Down – Jaymes Young
    This track was recommended to me by a friend of mine. I don’t know why I like it but I guess it’s that possessive kind of love lyrics attracted me with his strong vocals. it’s a great song though.
  2. I Am The Fire – Halestorm
    I love Halestorm, I think they are the only female leaded rock band that I follow. I love this track because I feel it’s empowering lyric-wise and of course Lzzy’s vocals are on point.
  3. Give Me a Sign – Breaking Benjamin
    I have a special memory with this track, everytime this song plays I hesitate to skip it because it reminds me of that certain person but other than that I really love this song.
  4. The Devil Within – Digital Daggers
    If you watched Pretty Little Liars, I’m sure you are familiar with this song. This song introduced me to Digital Daggers and the Alternative genre, I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite from them but I definitely don’t hate it.
  5. Hurricane – Halsey
    This song would be my favorite from Halsey’s first album, I really enjoyed that album probably more than newest one.
  6. Free Radicals – Our Last Night
    I highly recommend checking Our Last Night, I feel they need more exposure. This track is from the newest album Selective Hearing, I absolutely love it.
  7. Close Your Eyes – All-American Rejects
    All-American Rejects are my guilty pleasure, I feel I can’t ever grow from punk rock bands. This track is from their newest single, I like this song because it’s mellow and laid back compared to their usual songs.
  8. Insincerely Yours – Lily Allen
    I love how honest and in-your-face Lily’s lyrics are, I love her songs so much.
  9. idfc – blackbear
    I found this song from Discover Weekly on Spotify. Honestly this song is pretty repetitive but I do like the music of it.
  10. Second Chance – Shinedown
    I need to confess this, I’m obsessed with this song. Don’t ask why, just listen to it.
  11. In Too Deep – Sum 41
    It’s a classic, you can’t really skip it without singing along.
  12. December – Neck Deep
    This track was also recommended by a friend of mine, it’s chill and it’s nice to play it in the background while I work on something.
  13. Moving On – Asking Alexandria
    I found this song while creating a playlist for an episode for the radio show and I’ve been in love with it since I first heard it.
  14. Here With Me – Dido
    I’ve been listening to Dido in like forever, and this song is one of my favorites. It’s soothing and it relaxes me when I want a background music while I work on something.
  15. Daydream – Ruelle
    Another song from Pretty Little Liars, I mean honestly the music they choose for every episode is on point. It’s a slow type of song but also gives a haunting dark vibe which attracted me to this song in the first place.




Parental Guilt


I recently came across an interesting post by 16-bit Dad about this topic and I honestly can relate to that post, I highly recommend checking his blog. I do feel guilty from time to time mostly because I don’t sit with my son as much as I’m supposed to.

There are times when I get frustrated when he refuses to eat even though I know he’s hungry, the solution was honestly too simple which is let him try to hold the spoon or fork on his own and encourage him. I feel guilty for all the times I was frustrated because of that and didn’t understand that he just wanted to depend on himself, I’m taking my time realizing that children grow up fast specially in that age.

I recently noticed that I stopped going out with friends and have fun, even going to a beauty salon to pamper myself and have my me time. I guess it stems from the guilt that I should be sitting with my son more during weekends since I’m not away at work. I’m always thankful that my husband helps, I always find myself appreciating him more whenever I hear others complain about their spouses.

I know this is a messy unorganized post, what I wanted to say is … Parental guilt is a common issue we all go through since we want to be the best parent for our children and not let them down, and in some cases call ourselves a bad mom or a bad dad. Also appreciate what you have in your life, it’s not always greener on the other side.

What makes it all worth it, the moment I open the door when I’m back from work. My son would run to me and hug me while saying “I love you mommy”


3 RPG Maker Games That Gave “Weird” a New Definition

Every game has a place in the various categories of genre, some developers mix and match a few for the perfect game but it works and many games have their own unique genre as a result.

However, with RPG Maker, some devs and amateur game developers are pushing the boundaries of what makes a game unique. Today I’m shedding light on some of the weirdest RPG Maker games that deserve some attention.

1. Pom Gets WiFi

This game is an indie comedy RPG about a pomeranian called Pom (obviously) who needs Wi-Fi desperately to live. It was made in RPG Maker 2003 and released in late 2013.

The best way to describe this game is “tumblr in a form of a game.” It’s educational because it teaches you the internet language with typos and emoticons (not emojis). The art style is pretty simple, but well-made for an RPG Maker game and it’s quite easy to beat in one hour. It’s a fun game to pass time with.


2. Ao Oni

Ao Oni is a Japanese horror/puzzle game made in the RPG XP engine. The story follows a group of friends who are investigating an abandoned mansion that’s rumored to be haunted.

The game needs to add comedy and a question mark next to it on the description, because I personally found the main villain quite hilarious. That made it more entertaining than getting stressed from jump scares.


3. Space Funeral

This game was released back in 2010 and it was created on RPG Maker 2003.

Phillip and the Leg Horse set off on a strange and deadly mission to find the legendary City Of Forms from which all things in the world are derived. On their travels they must overcome ghosts, criminals, hypnosis, lions, Draculas, cryptic letters, muscle hedonists, swamp knights, mysterious caves, blood ghouls, grotesque monsters, purple drank and more in order to discover the secret of Space Funeral.

Too much to take in?

If you thought No Man’s Sky was brightly colored, you might change your mind after trying this game. I mean, what could possibly go wrong when you have to deal with that many enemies?



Have you tried any of these games? What are your thoughts about them?


Product of The Month


My sister got engaged recently and we were having a small family party couple of weeks ago. I wanted to look a little bit extra so I finally had the courage to use Vamp Stamp and go to that party. The problem I had with this tool is the ink that came with it, I never really used it but for some reason the ink was already dried and I couldn’t dip the stamp in it so I had to throw it out. I used my trusty Kat Von D Tattoo Liner on the stamp part and used it on the corner of my eye, it worked perfectly.


It gave my eye a beautiful wing and it complimented my whole look. After stamping the wing, I filled the line with an eyeliner and of course used my new favorite eyelash falsies One Two Lashes.

Sorry for the low-quality photo as I took it fast on Snapchat.


Underrated Horror Games You Might Have Missed Over The Years

Over the years, we’ve received plenty of great and not so great horror games. The great ones have usually gone on to give us (and our favorite Let’s Players) heart attacks, but every now and then, one of these great scares slip through the cracks into obscurity to be forgotten. With that said and with a pumpkin spice latte in hand (it’s that season after all), we’ve gathered a list of creepy horror games you might’ve never heard of, or overlooked over the years.

1. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (2009)

The Silent Hill games are known as some of the most iconic horror classics in the video games industry. While some of the games of this franchise are well-known, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories didn’t get that much love. The concept of the game is quite different than the usual Silent Hill games that fans expect, as it focuses more on combat evasion and creates your personal fears in the game. Initially released for the Wii in 2009, this stellar entry in the series ended up being severely overlooked.

2. Neverending Nightmares (2014)

A unique experience with pencil hand drawn graphics, Neverending Nightmares explores the depths of a depressed and insane mind, which was actually inspired by the lead designer’s own struggle with obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) and depression. The game was released on Steam in 2014 after a successful kickstarter campaign and then later it got released on the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita.

3. Siren (2003)

If you are a fan of Japanese horror movies, this game is definitely for you. Siren sets you in a creepy atmosphere filled with zombified people and dark rituals to resurrect a god. Yeah…that escalated quickly. It was released back in 2003 on the Playstation 2 and re-released as a remake for Playstation 3 with the title Siren: Blood Curse. So that’s twice now that this game has slipped under the radar. Maybe third time’s the charm after all?

4. Claire (2013)

So you probably think that games can only terrify you if they’re in a 3D world, right? Wrong! Don’t underestimate the power of 2D games because Claire is one of the most underrated and frightening indie games ever created. It takes the psychological horror genre to a new level and it also has few similarities to Lone Survivor. The story follows Claire, the main character as the name implies, throughout her life from childhood to adulthood. It explores her life along with the darkness that comes from being raised in broken home. The game was released on Steam in 2013 and recently for the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita in August.

5. Obscure (2005)

Five stereotypical high school students discover a dark secret hidden within their school and it involves the teachers, and of course, the principal. The main characters consist of a shy reporter, a cheerleader, a jock, a nerd and a stoner – already you can see the promises of a great teen slasher movie. The game has few similarities to Resident Evil in terms of combat and combining items, but is different and terrifying enough in its own way. It was released for the Playstation 2 and Xbox on 2005.

Halloween is over and gone, but the great thing about horror games is that they’re a blast to play any time of the year. The next big horror release will be Resident Evil VII in just a couple months, so definitely check out these hidden gems. We hope this list of games will help scratch that itch until then.

Have you played these games before? What is your favorite horror game of all times?


Assassin’s Creed Origins and Cuphead


I haven’t really got the feeling that I miss gaming until I opened my neglected Steam account. I’ve always stayed gaming in older consoles because newer games didn’t interest me anymore, and I’ve posted every month about games I would revisit that I really enjoyed playing. I recently decided to try Assassin’s Creed newest installment since I’ve always been a fan, I couldn’t get it for PS4 because it’s being abused by my brothers in law and sister in law kids that’s why I thought of getting it on my laptop instead.

I opened my old steam account and it just hit me, I really miss gaming. I miss the thrill of starting a new game, the hours I spent trying to get an achievement and the frustration of losing. I went on and bought the game, while it was downloading I was browsing through games. Some I know that I tried and beated and some were completely new to me.


It’s been awhile since I played an Assassin’s Creed game, I didn’t exactly play Syndicate more than 2 hours.  I also didn’t like the movie so my life lacked a little bit of assassins action for quite some time.

I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed Origins lately and I’m really enjoying it, I would say it’s more gore-y than the other Assassin’s Creed games and that’s probably the one thing I noticed through out my gameplay so far.


I liked the leveling system, it gives the player more area to cover in the open world of Assassin’s creed in order to upgrade the gear so it doesn’t only follows the main quests but offers side quests in between to gain XP and that would allow the player to proceed the story not under-leveled. I would admit that I took some time to get used to controlling Senu (The Eagle) so I could locate the upgrade items and materials but it’s definitely something new from the usual Assassin’s Creed’s eagle vision, now it’s literally an eagle.

Moving on to the next game … The hate of my life …


I have a hate love relationship with this game.

Hype kill games, it’s concept I’ve seen repeatedly in newly released games. There’s so much hype around a certain game but when it gets released, everything seem disappointing as it didn’t reach the expectations that the hype created. I’ve seen so many games fall into that trap specially No Man’s Sky, even though I enjoyed it to some extent. Let’s talk about Cuphead … It lives above this so-called hype.

I’m not going to say how amazing this game is, or about the music and art style because it seriously above the word “Amazing” and I can’t possibly describe it in one post. I grew up watching those old cartoons with the same art style so obviously I would appreciate everything offered in this game. Also I won’t talk about the game difficulty because …. Honestly I broke two of my controllers since I started this game and it took me 45 minutes just to beat the first run ‘n gun level.

Will you get frustrated while playing Cupead ?
Is it worth getting ?
Totally and not because everyone is talking about it, it’s such a good well-made game.



Games to Revisit in November


Beyond: Two Souls is an interactive drama action-adventure video game for the PlayStation 3 and Playstation 4 home video game consoles, created by French game developer Quantic Dream and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released in October 2013. The game features Jodie Holmes, one of two player characters. The other is an incorporeal entity named Aiden: a separate soul linked to Jodie since birth. Jodie, who is portrayed by actress Ellen Page, possesses supernatural powers through her psychic link to Aiden, growing from adolescence to adulthood while learning to control Aiden and the powers they share. Willem Dafoe co-stars as Nathan Dawkins, a researcher in the Department of Paranormal Activity and Jodie’s surrogate-father-figure. The actors in the game worked during the year-long project in Quantic Dream’s Paris studio to perform on-set voice acting and motion capture acting.

I’ve been wanting to go back to this game for awhile now, it’s one of my favorite games. I’m a fan of Quantic Dream games, I feel they push the boundaries of gaming mechanics and graphics. Beyond: Two Souls is more like a movie to me, while your choices can shape the game direction it doesn’t have that deep impact like in Heavy Rain. The soundtrack of this game is absolutely amazing, I always play them while working. I highly recommend trying this game if you haven’t already.